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Book for young women

 **This may be a great gift idea for a daughter/niece/sister/friend** 

iPad in the hands of an African-American woman sitting on the couch_Black Simple Ebook Cov

Hey Lil Sis Let Me Talk To You For A Minute


Hey Lil Sis, Let Me Talk to You For a Minute is an empowering short story book written with you in mind. You are a strong and talented young woman, and this book is designed to help you find your way in the world. It is packed with inspiring stories, tips for navigating the challenges of life, and practical advice for making good choices. Order a copy now and start walking in your worth.


Sherita Sparrow aka

Miss Cybermindspeakz

Quality Unisex Apparel

Estimated 7-10 Day Delivery

Shipping Fee Included in Price

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